Interior Designing Trends to Embrace in 2023

As we turn the corner towards the latter half of 2022, we’re anticipating the upcoming year’s design trends. All around, there is a move away from safe neutrals and toward more daring, playful themes. To get a sense of the top trends that interior designers around the nation anticipate surfacing in 2023, we spoke with five of them. We are present for this fascinating change in fashion.

  • Think about Custom Furniture 

    Due to lead periods and astronomical costs, custom furniture alternatives have historically been underutilised. However, due to labour and material shortages, most major manufacturers are currently experiencing prolonged lead times and significant price increases, according to Bridget Tiek, owner and interior designer of Tiek & Co. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She continues, “We’ve been looking to our local craftsmen and artisans who can create one-of-a-kind, distinctive things that are exceeding expectations on both pricing and timing. “A customised piece is not necessarily only a chance for something different; it can also assist in resolving a practical problem.” Her team frequently uses custom furniture to fulfil the needs of a client, making items that can be multifunctional, have concealed storage.

  • Soft Color Usage

If you enjoy the outdoors but don’t have the opportunity to go on daily nature walks, earthy tones like brown, tan, cream, grey, blue, and green can help create calming settings. This strategy can take the form of a colour scheme with trim variations in lighter cream and off-white tones, based on neutral-warm shades of brown and grey as a recurring, room-to-room motif.

  • Consider using one Color in Small places

    . The proprietor of Harper Howey Interiors in Bentonville, Arkansas, Kimberly Harper, has used monochromatic color choices to elongate spaces like the tiny guest bedroom shown above. She went with a muted grey colour scheme, extending it to the wallpaper, drapes, furniture, and bedding. According to Harper, monochrome doesn’t have to be monotonous; you may pick any colour family that appeals to you and have fun with patterns. You can employ a variety of patterns in one space because the colour scheme is uniform.


  • Choose the Grand millennial look

    – This style, which is frequently referred to as granny chic, is still popular. The co-owners of Folly in Charlottesville, Virginia, Beth Ann Kallen and Victoria Pouncey, claim that this style makes a homage to redoing grandma’s living room by bringing back wallpaper, antiques, a tonne of flowery patterns, and macrame-type trims. The pair added an antique sideboard made of dark wood, a dining room table, and updated florals to the landscape-style wallpaper in the dining room pictured above.

  • Experience Comfort 

    By combining soft texture options for furniture and comfort-focused items, a natural approach to your visual design can translate to how your house “feels.” A paint colour scheme that draws inspiration from nature can look lovely with velvet couch and chair cushions, cotton throw pillows, and linen or flannel blankets. Since they are appealing to the eye and the touch, smooth ceramic pots and sculptures placed on shelves, coffee tables, and end tables can harmonise these aspects of natural look and feel.

  • Blend Different Design Elements 

    If you have a diverse range of hobbies and interests, you might want to blend styles in one of your larger, multi-purpose spaces. Blending many motifs into one sizable room might make it easier for everyone to feel at home at family gatherings for a family with widely divergent interests. Think of placing contemporary lighting fixtures and sculptures atop vintage family antiques and arranging a variety of chair kinds around a newly painted, refurbished dining room table. This is a great illustration of a 2023 interior design trend.

  • Bring fun into your environment

    – According to Karen Korn, lead designer at Karen Korn Interiors in St. Louis, Missouri, interiors have tended to favor calming, neutral hues during a period when there have been many interruptions and upheaval in our lives as a result of the pandemic. People are now prepared to incorporate colour and playfulness into their homes and daily lives. Collectively, she claims, “we’ve avoided colour and pattern, but today people are really going for it with large bold furniture pieces, patterned sofas, coloured kitchen cabinets, wild wallpapers, and intricate tile in bathrooms and kitchens.” “A bright throw pillow will not suffice any more. Being secure is passe. The moment is here to take risks and, most importantly, to enjoy yourself!

  • Acknowledge the Patterns 

    The utilisation of increasingly busy patterns is one of the top interior design ideas for 2023. These can be used as detailed designs on wallpaper, floors, wall dcor, and counters. Although this pattern may be a reflection of how hectic and difficult our lives can be, it can really be a good energy-harnesser when applied in high-energy spaces like the kitchen, morning room, or flex room.

  • Use a variety of shapes 

    Another trend that is gaining popularity is the abstract usage of curving geometric shapes on wide, open wall spaces. This idea is appealing and motivating. Long, bending lines found in circles and ellipses have a calming effect, and combining them with complementary hues can heighten the calming effects of a playful approach to decorating.We at Hallmark think that your house should represent your individual sense of style. To enable you to build the ideal environment for you and your family, we provide a number of design options for our new homes. Everyone can find something they like, whether it be classic or modern. And we can assist you in realising your concept thanks to our team of talented designers.

  • Accept wood tones

    For a long time, trends were all white, but now stained wood accents, which give a room depth and elevate it, are making a comeback. According to Laura Yeager Smith, principal at Laura Yeager Smith Home & Design in Hudson, Ohio, “Wood gives warmth to a place by bringing a touch of nature within.” Finding a fine line between being too heated and just warm enough to stain wood perfectly can be challenging, the author observes. “Nature sometimes offers the ideal colour in its natural state, especially with a walnut finish.”

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