Top skills required to become a successful fashion designer

Introduction to Fashion designing


Fashion design is the art of creating clothing and accessories. As an academic field of study, fashion design pulls from many disciplines, including history, business, illustration, and technology. As an art practice, fashion design is intertwined with culture. Fashion designers create garments in various ways, including sketching or drawing a pattern onto paper in order to create a basic prototype. Some designers opt to drape fabric onto a previous dress form. Once the fashion designer feels satisfied with the final prototype, he or she will seek out a professional pattern maker to create a finishes, working version of the design via computerized software program. The pattern maker must remain precise in the creation of the garment. After finalizing the pattern, a model will test the garment to ensure the suitability of its design to the customer or general public. Most fashion experts explain that most fashion designers only create the concept, whereas the pattern maker actually creates the garment to wear.

In today’s world fashion is accepted by people of all class and culture. Fashion is a word, which is recognized by all people of the society. India being a country of various culture and tradition has also accepted fashion in its own way. Fashion designers work hard to fulfill the wish of all people from various backgrounds. Following are some of the points which can highlight on the fashion and its acceptance:

Fashion and its Importance in Our Life:

The definition of fashion varies from one person to another. For some people, fashion is the latest trends in clothing’s, accessories, footwear and for others it may be latest food, lifestyle, etc. People who want to be up to date with the latest fashion follow various fashion magazines and media. Yes, fashion is very important in our life as it gives a good impression if we are dressed according to the latest style.

Fashion becomes very important if you are a working woman or man. Following the latest flowers fashion trend highlights your personality and gives classy looks. Therefore, fashion is very important in our life. Hence, many fashion designers work hard to create new designs, which can attract people and accept them.

The fashion industry is complex with about 3,400 million in the labour force. With the demand for fashion increasing significantly, many countries have become major exporters of apparel. India is the 2nd largest exporter of apparel across the globe. The global fashion industry values about $3 trillion and continues to display a positive growth. The industry witnesses 3000 billion textile and garment companies making their way in the market each day. So, if you are interested in high fashion, mass-market or ready to wear garments, as a fashion designer student you need to have the skills to thrive in the industry.

In today’s fashion industry you need something more than creativity and artistic abilities. These skills will guide you towards your goal of becoming a fashion designer in an industry that contributes to 2% of the world’s GDP. To keep up with where the industry is going,

 Here is our list of 10 skills that a fashion designer will need in the future:

1. Creativity

The quintessential skill in any industry is creativity. A good fashion designer is creative and is able to make something out of anything. You should be able to transform the two dimensional idea into a three-dimensional art piece. The process from conceptualization to completion takes a lot of creativity and determination.

2) Adaptability

Fashion designers have to make quick decisions, often in the nick of time to adjust and improve on their designs to meet certain needs. Altering garments, designs and even ideas aren’t easy tasks, but if you have an adaptable mindset, you can make these adjustments easily and more. If you can adapt your designs to current trends to work on future collections and adapt your designs to your clients needs, you can really gain a larger following.

3) Care for the Environmental and Social Impact of Fashion

It is not a secret that fashion is a big contributor to pollution and global warming and doesn’t have an impeccable track record when it comes to ethical labour practices. However, the industry is taking steps towards sustainability.Having the ability to incorporate sustainable strategies in your garment and collection design and development at each step of the process will make you stay ahead in the industry while making a positive impact on the world. You can learn how sustainability can be an asset for your business with  MOTIF’s online course Sustainability: Concepts, Practices and Applications for Fashion.

4) Understanding Commercial and Marketing Strategies

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that marketing is important for businesses to be able to dominate the industry. Understanding smart marketing strategies like capsule collections can help boost your brand and show your willingness to stay on trend as well as your fashion savvy expertise. To learn the behavior of your customers is important to stand out from the crowd too.
Maintaining an active social media presence is also a major factor in growing your business.

Social media has really taken the forefront in fashion, which makes it vital for you to gain support from your followers, friends and potential customers. The best social media platform for fashion designers is Instagram mainly because of its visual appeal. You can grow your audience and better interact with them online and gain valuable insights into your customers wants and needs.

5) Enthusiasm in trends

Trends keep changing and so are the demands of the people. As a student pursuing fashion designing it is important you keep a keen eye on the changing and growing demand of the audience you wish to cater to. Those stable artists whom you consider competitors are also a source of immense knowledge so it is equally important to learn and observe the way they interpret their design and creativity into changing trends and develop a set pattern of skills.

6) Artistry and imaginativeness

Having artistic ability and vivid imagery for unique designs is one of the most important skills for a fashion designer a student of this field should intake. Portraying your art through unique designs require artistic and imaginativeness and to do so every fashion designer should work hard on their sketching skills as being a sketch artist is the first step to portray the draft design into work of art.

7) Impressive needlework

As a fashion designer, sewing becomes a fundamental and one of the most basic skills. As a designer you should be able to make the clothes you design. Everything adds up perfectly when you as a beginner could do to develop a sense of experienced knowledge of the ways involved in bringing your designs off the sheets. A good understanding of the materials, fabrics, patterns and other elements that are required to make your designs unique will help you be more diligent while producing the garments you design.

8) Analyzing Big Data

The power of the internet means we now connect with our consumers in a very different way. The ability to analyse customer data and interrupt this information into trends and product lines has become a fundamental skill for a designer of today. You have to be both creative and analytical to deliver fashion which is also commercial in this very competitive market.

Retailers and designers alike have to identify marketing and pricing strategies across global retail markets to help drive informed decision making by analyzing big data with a keen eye.

9) Having your own Style

To be able to hone your own unique style in fashion is a highly sought after prowess in the fashion design industry.  Bonus points if you can evolve your collection with the times. Your style essentially reflects what you stand for, and using it as a tool to stand out is what will propel you and your brand to further heights. Figuring out your signature style and sending your message through your clothes is the best way to go. By adding your personal accents to your clothing and designs, you can impact the fashion industry as you know it.

10) Communication skills

As a fashion designer student, you should remember to give your desired outfit a complete look various accessory, jewellery, footwear materials are needed which can only be provided by doing collaborations with rising and profound artists. Having a successful collaboration requires communication skills to expand your career as a fashion designer to a new level. Sharing your ideas, collecting views and criticism go hand in hand with proper and appropriate communication method. Developing healthy and professional communicational skills is very important for a successful career life.

It is very essential to acquire those skills from a reputed institute because only good training & knowledge will help you build a good career in fashion desiging. These skills must be taught practically & the students must be made industry ready. There are many good fashion designing institutes in Mumbai but INIFD Ghatkpar is ranked among the top fashion designing institute in Mumbai.

About INIFD Ghatkopar

International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) Ghatkopar is a prolific fashion designing institute in Mumbai. Since 1995 it has been dealing with young minds and assisting in creating innovative ideas within the students. It offers graduation to approximately 25,000 students every year. It has produced influential and enthusiastic designers for the cinema industry. The famous designers of the industry are graduated from it. Their excellent teaching faculty ensures pursuing students with adequate knowledge

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