Being incredibly fashionable is all we need in today’s world. INIFD Ghatkopar assists our students to perform an unprecedented work by encouraging their imagination power & shaping their creative ideas. In today’s highly competitive business world, it is mandatory to combine your design skills as well as managerial skills to stand at par. The fashion design field gives you an assured name, fame, mystique & handsome pays for hard work.

Fashion Design is an enormous field with ample opportunities. If you are highly innovative, have well-built imagination & a taste for exclusive glamour, fashion design is the most desirable career option to showcase them all. Fashion design dominates the design sector of our nation because it is one of the most preferred courses over others.





  • Practical Pattern Design & Construction
  • Creative Surface Design
  • Communication Technology For Fashion Design
  • Care For Clothing And Textiles
  • Project Dissertation
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


  • Advanced Pattern Making & Construction Detail
  • Technical Fashion Sketching
  • Surface Embellishments & Textiles
  • World Fashion History
  • Fabric Types To Drapes
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


  • Element Of Textile
  • Basics Of Fashion
  • Fashion Illustration And Model Drawing
  • Garment Construction & Drafting
  • Management Skills
  • English Prose And Usage
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


  • Textile Study Applicable To Fashion Art
  • Study Of Apparel Marketing
  • Fashion Illustration And Application
  • Advanced Techniques Of Garment Construction
  • English Composition & Business Correspondence
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


  • Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising
  • Study Of Apparel Manufacturing Process
  • Care Renovation And Finishes Of Textiles
  • Project Work
  • Design Concept & Art Portfolio
  • Promotional Product Development
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai


Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai
One Year Foundation Program

The foundation course emphasizes on kids and women’s wear.

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai
Two Years Advance Program

The program focuses on the basics of research methods and..

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai
Three Years Specialisation Program

This program provides students with comprehensive ..

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai
Super Specialisation in Fashion Design

This curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of key..

Fashion Design Courses In Mumbai

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

If you are the one who likes to convert imagination into the realistic design, then you are made for fashion design. As best fashion design courses in Mumbai involve crafting new designs for garments and accessories to meet the changing trend in the field of fashion. The fashion industry is among one of the most trending and competitive fast-paced companies in India that offer extensive job opportunities to fashion design aspirants. If you are the person who has designed garments for toys in your childhood and create fashionable changes in your attire, then we think that people like you are already destined to become the fashion designer.

There are many institutes out there who provides fashion design courses in Mumbai. And we are one of the best fashion design institutes in Mumbai that gives you an international edge and effective learning experience in the journey of your fashion design career.

INIFD is one of the few institutes of fashion that has the ability to provide world class fashion design courses with its top of the line experienced faculty.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Fashion Design Courses?

  • In India, if you want to work as a fashion designer in the fashion company, then you need to have fashion design certification which acts as a valid proof to fashion companies.

It is because, a specialisation or diploma in fashion design ensures that you know everything as a fashion designer. You can choose the choice of fashion design course you want to do.

  • The moment when you enter in the fashion design career, you will see a wide range of interesting career paths which you could possibly follow like fashion design, textile design, fashion research, and markets within the industry, such as becoming a fashion journalist, fashion designer, fashion illustrator, and fashion stylist.
Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

You can consider any one of the above profession and you will feel accountable for various design tasks including determining colours, patterns and also fabrics for the design, and also supervising the producing of the finished product.

  • It is always advisable to get fashion design training with the help of a fashion design course in Mumbai. Because fashion design course in Mumbai from the respective fashion design institute improves your creativity and motivates you to push your fashion design career forward.

The best fashion design course in Mumbai help to study the fashion design in a more organized manner and also test your design skills.

  • The fashion design course enhances your sewing skills as well as pattern-making abilities in order for you to come up with wonderful fashion creations and real pieces of art.
  • After learning fashion design, you can start your own business, set up your e-commerce store, and bring a successful clothing line.
  • Along with polishing your skills you have the opportunity to grow your skillset by learning various different topics such as fashion business management, jewellery design, design development and interior design.

Benefits Of Fashion Design Courses

Fashion design industry has grown to the next level in India. The reason why fashion design industry has become successful in India is that the famous fashion designers such as Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal etc. have created many creative designs and made the Indian fashion industry trending.

You can make your mark in one of these famous fashion designers only if you choose fashion design course in Mumbai. Here are some benefits of a fashion design course:

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

  1. It is important to pursue a career in fashion design from a recognized fashion design institute. There are many courses available for full time and part-time. These courses develop a student’s natural creative skills.
  2. After the completion of best fashion design course in Mumbai from a respective institute, You can start as a trainee designer and then enters the high phase of the fashion industry. You can hold your position as fashion designers, textile analysts, fashion coordinators, stylists, merchandisers, patent makers, product managers, production managers, store managers, and fashion etc.
  3. In a fashion design course, you are taught fashion and technical arts such as fashion art, design components, pattern making, surface decoration, dropping textile, costume making, and fashion illustration.
  4. The Indian fashion industry has lots of opportunities for talented hard working people and enthusiast. The best part of fashion design course is that after the completion of the course, you can be self-employed.
  5. By considering INIFD as your institute destination to study fashion design courses, you have the chance to pursue a career in fashion and join world class fashion houses in the fashion industry.

Fashion Design Courses In Mumbai –

To be a successful fashion designer, the basic thing you need is to do a fashion design course in Mumbai from the fashion design institute. Some topics in these courses will focus on the basics of different types of models, shades, and designs.

Therefore a fashion designer trainee must select the best institution to learn fashion design. There are various fashion design courses available at our institutes such as one-year foundation program, a two-year advance program, three-year specialisation program, and super specialisation in fashion design.

Our courses offer tools to simplify learning experience along with simplicity. Many of our candidates realize that they can get the brilliant experience from our best fashion design course in Mumbai.

Fashion Designing Courses in Mumbai

In One Year Foundation Program, students will be introduced to basic 3-D design, pattern drafting and garment construction.

In textile fundamentals, the textile is the main root of fashion design. The essential objective of this topic is to provide knowledge about fibers, yarns, fabrics, processes, and methods involved in the construction of textiles.

Elementary techniques will introduce students to the techniques and basic construction details for women and kids clothing.

In fashion figure drawing, Students will learn the basic kids and female illustrations. They will also learn to use different drawing tools and mediums of color.

Students will learn different techniques used to enhance the fabric.

The Two Year Advanced Program, will focus on basics of the research methods and design processes and it will give them hands-on experience to them so that students can apply these techniques in real life.

Students will learn about the structure of the apparel industry.

Students will be able to illustrate male and female croquis.

Students will learn to develop patterns and drape various styles for men and women.

Students will get detailed knowledge about Indian Traditional Textiles- embroideries, their motifs, and techniques.

In Three Year Specialisation Program, Students will get the complete overview of the fashion industry, including product development, sourcing, buying, marketing, retailing and merchandising. After completing this course, you can work as a designer, visual merchandiser, visual artist, production designer, pattern coordinator and editor.

Students will learn to couture art and expression of fine soft dressmaking.

Students will get the detailed understanding of embroidery, embellishment, and manipulation techniques that will help them to create innovative and contemporary textiles.

Fashion design aspirant students will get detailed knowledge of different decorative fabrics, materials, and techniques used for making garments. They will be introduced to the complete preliminaries of portfolio development step by step.

This course enables students to learn the unique aspects and concepts of marketing, retail marketing and visual merchandising.

In Super Specialisation In Fashion Design, Students will get the clear understanding of key theoretical concepts and on practicing skills related to the areas of clothing, textiles, and fashion.

In the first year of this course, students will learn technical and creative skills required for handcraft tailoring, couture-inspired fashion and contemporary design for the modern wardrobe.

Students will get a comprehensive overview of technical fashion illustrations, creative surfaces, textiles, world costumes, and draping art.

In the second year of this program, students will get the clear understanding of garment construction-II, surface ornamentation techniques, project dissertation, media for fashion, communication for fashion, textile care and handling.