Khushi Paliwal
Fashion Design Student

First of all, I would like to thank INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar for giving me this opportunity to share my wonderful experience.

Before joining this institute I was quite nervous because I had no friends and as I came through lateral entry in second year, I was bit afraid about how I will manage my studies through the online lectures, but after joining it was a smooth ride and my all classmates are very friendly with me. Faculties here are very well experienced and supportive and also they cleared my previous class doubts too. Being an INIFDian is a great feeling so far.

Once again Thank You so much INIFD Ghatkopar!

Samruddhi Salunkhe
Interior Design student

Previously I was bit confused about taking admission at INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar but from last few months, online classes proved that my decision was not wrong. All the faculties here are highly qualified and taking enough efforts to make the lectures interactive & interesting and that’s why I am feeling that day by day my designing skills are improving smoothly & its leading me towards the successful journey in the field of Interior Designing.

Thank you INIFD Ghatkopar & feeling proud to be an INIFDian!

Mokshi Jain
Interior Design student

I am recently studying BSc in Interior Designing From INIFD Ghatkopar Mumbai. Its been almost 2months and this Institute haven’t failed me surprising by its amazing workshops and faculty. I am happy that I did not make a mistake by applying in this Institute. I will suggest others too, to join here and learn more apart from your studies.

Steffi D'souza
Fashion Design Student

I had joined INIFD Ghatkopar Mumbai.

The faculties and staff members are very helpful and kind. We had an amazing time at the freshers party organised for us.

Siddhi Basutkar
Fashion Design Student

I am first year student of B.SC in fashion designing and I personally feel that this is the best institute to pursue Fashion or Interior designing degree to fulfill your dream career.

I love to explore my creativity and hence I participate in each & every workshop conducted by the institute. Recently, institute organized a wonderful session with the famous stylist Eshaa Amiin where the designer shared her perspective about styling. It was really a knowledgeable session for all budding designers. At INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar, from staff to teachers all are supportive. Even though we are attending online classes, each and every student gets personal attention.

So, till now my journey is so perfect and I am looking forward to explore new things!

Proud to be an INIFDian!

Khushbu Thakur
Interior Design student

Myself Khushbu & I am doing degree in Interior Designing from INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar. My experience here is amazing. Although currently we are attending online classes, but the quality and method of teaching is very good. The routine is flexible and assignments are consistent. The staff & teachers are very good & supportive.

I am very happy that I am in safe hands.

Thank you INIFD Ghatkopar!

Sreesha Banan
Interior Design student

INIFD Ghatkopar is very welcoming institute. Through the time, I feel like I have improved a lot in certain things such as creativity and interaction with peoples. The institute and my college mates made me feel like an outcast. It has been a great experience till now.

Diya Dulawat
Fashion Design Student

INIFD Ghatkopar has helped me a lot in gaining excellent knowledge in fashion designing in such a less time. Also my creativity has improved a lot and which has helped me to being better and better every day.

Since there is limited students in each batch, it’s very much better for faculties to interact, communicate and pay attention to each student. Faculties have been very lovely to us. They have behaved with us more like a friend than a teacher. So far it has been a great experience to learn from here.

Haya Shaikh
Fashion Design Student

I’m glad that I have joined INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar as I know to become the BEST in the fashion industry, I have to learn from the BEST institute. Other than academics, everyday we are learning new things which are really exploring our knowledge in this creative fashion designing field. Even in this pandemic situation institute is taking care of enhancing our inner talent by organising creative workshops. I had enjoyed ‘Tie & Dye workshop’ the most! Overall its a nice journey & I am eager to visit the institute & to meet my classmates. Proud to be an INIFDian!

K Hema Keerthi
Interior Design student

I feel that INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar is the best institute for the people who want to do creative things in Fashion/Interior designing. Currently I am pursuing degree in Interior Designing. Even though classes are being conducted through online interactive sessions, we feel like we are attending classes physical only. Everyone gets 100% attention and each & every doubt gets clarified there itself. The assignment plays an important role, which actually helps to improve our skills. In online classes faculties corrects our assignment mistakes and helps us to improve them in a right way. Online workshops are helping us to create decorative things by using available material at home.

So I must say, I am feeling proud to be an INIFDian!

Anoushka Braganza
Interior Design student

INIFD Ghatkopar has given me a platform to showcase my talent and work hard as an aspiring Interior Designer. The college is very helpful and the faculties here are very encouraging and guide us every time. Besides being a college its turned out to be more like a home for me. Thank you INIFD Ghatkopar for molding me into the person I am now!

Sonal Mandavkar
Interior Design student

I reallt feel proud to be the student of INIFD Ghatkopar. I am experiencing beautiful things around me in the institute each day. Super institute with super faculties and facilities.

The faculty here gives attention & opportunity to every individual student in this institution. I am very happy to be a part of INIFD Ghatkopar.

Ranjana Gupta
Fashion Design Student

INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar institute is exactly what I was looking for. I am feeling so much more confident for my career from the time I joined this institute. I admire the institute’s administration, everything is perfectly organised and the staff is very helpful and kind. It is like a big family. The classes are great and the teachers are absolutely amazing. I consider myself lucky to have brilliant teachers and nice classmates. I highly recommend INIFD Ghatkopar institute to other students. Everything is useful to me, it is nice, fun and educational, and I’m so glad that I made the right decision to study here. Thank you so much INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar, words simply cannot convey my gratitude.

Ummulbani Jodiawala
Fashion Design Student

Its a wonderful experience so far with INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar! Within just few months, I got to learn so many new things and the faculties here are really very helpful. Before this I never knew that Online Classes can be so amazing to learn each and every aspects of fashion designing. Faculties have taught me how the hardest things can be done in a simpler way. Along with online classes I am also enjoying various creative workshops organized by the institute which are truly helping me to sharpen my designing skills in all aspects.

So I will really recommend this institute for all budding designers in the field of Fashion & Interior Designing!

Proud to be an INIFDian!

Kavya Adka
Interior Design student

Very nice institute. The platform that INIFD Ghatkopar provides is a really worth experience. Faculties are amazing as well as the way of teaching is really very nice. They provide personal attention to each and every student. Loving the college life and made one of the most correct decision of my life as being part of INIFD Ghatkopar. Excellent place to nurture the creative minds.

Diksha Jain
Interior Design student

Their teaching, their affection, the ambience everything is too good. They have a personal touch with every student. It has just been six months and in this short time I have got many opportunities to showcase my talent and work on my flaws. One day I want to say, “ I made it and I’m pretty sure I’ll owe my credits to INIFDGHATKOPAR.”

Suchana Pramanik
Fashion Design Student

I am a first year student from Master’s degree in Fashion Design. I came from completely different background and till now my experience is all the way good and knowledgeable. Faculties are taking care of each and every student’s growth & making them force to explore their own ideas and appreciating whatever is new all the time. What I have found best within them that is all the faculties are teaching in a systematic way with proper deadlines for their assignments.

I am looking forward to more exciting workshops, art and fashion assignments and grooming part. As my skills in spoken English and management knowledge is poor, but I want to see myself in a presentable version to this fashion industry after these 2 years of course and I am pretty confident that I can fulfill all my career aspirations through the best designing institute – INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar!

Mayuri Kalyani
Fashion Design Student

INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar felt very convincing when I thought about pursuing fashion designing. Due to this pandemic situation I was worried about my admission process but the staff helped me so much with it. It’s been just three months since I have joined INIFD Mumbai Ghatkopar and I’m loving it already. The faculty members are knowledgeable and kind enough to solve our every little doubt. Institute is doing a great job by arranging regular online lectures and assigning various assignments to improve our artistic and presentation skills. Even the workshops being held for us are very innovative. I’m glad to be a part of this journey towards exploring the world of fashion.

Hrishita Shetty
Fashion Design Student

Its been half a year being a student in INIFD Ghatkopar and I already feel so connected with my co-learners and staff members. It has become my second family and it is worth spending more 2 years of my life with such amazing people. Whatever I have learned in the past months it has been joyful and interesting. For the first time, I got a chance to showcase my talent with the institute and it was my first workshop I ever conducted in my life. Thanks for everything and I will surely recommend INIFD Ghatkopar to my friends. Much love.

Sharon Gaikwad
Fashion Design Student

INIFD Ghatkopar has given me many opportunities to work towards my dream and has always considered my suggestions. The people here are very helpful and the faculties are so protective and co-operative with the students. The environment here is very homely and would recommend many more students fulfill their dream career with INIFD Ghatkopar.

Proud to be INIFDian!

Nilam Gharge
Fashion Design Student

This institute is the best institute in Mumbai. From here I am learning a lots of things about fashion trends, designing techniques, styling, marketing and many more…

Here I got excellent opportunity to showcase my talent. Also institute welcomes for our suggestions. Faculties here are very knowledgeable and experienced and they always solve our each and every doubts and time to time gives us guidance too.

Jainab Shah
Interior Design student

Faculties here are very friendly in nature. They always support us and helps us with all kinds of problems that we face and provide us relevant solutions. ‘Quality coaching’ is one of the best part of INIFD Ghatkopar. Syllabus includes industrial visits, workshops and many interesting projects. Institutes environment is filled with POSITIVE VIBES which is a cherry on top!

Chaitali Patel
Fashion Design Student

I am doing Msc in Fashion Design from INIFD Ghatkopar Mumbai and I feel it’s a great opportunity for me to explore in the glamorous world of Fashion Industry. It’s just start of our academic year and up till now we have learned lots of new things in form of various workshops, academic assignments etc things. Learning from this institute is a great experience for me. proud to be INIFDian!

Krisha Chheda
Fashion Design Student

INIFD Ghatkopar has always focused on their student’s future and always supported them. The faculties are very helpful throughout all the sessions. Overall it’s a great feeling to be a student of INIFD Ghatkopar.

Kirti Chattiyar
Fashion Design Student

Its a very nice institute. I had visited almost all the institutes of INIFD. But I found INIFD Ghatkopar best in terms of teaching patterns, faculties etc. INIFD Ghatkopar provides great opportunities to their students which help them to grow their skills and bloom like a flowes from a bud.

Proud to be INIFDians!

Etee Jain
Fashion Design Student

Everything is perfect over here…the directors and teachers are very friendly to share all our doubts and clear it….I loved it.

Mrs. Prachi Naik
Interior Design student

All the faculties and management provides great amount of support and guidance. I take this opportunity to thanks my tutors for their valuable suggestions and timely correction. The course and assignments both are enjoyable and challenging! We hope best for you all!