Interior Design is a field of gaining growth & development at a greater pace. Whether model-maker or architecture or civil engineer, everyone needs to know the basic of design concept in order to survive in the design world. It is mandatory to upgrade the skills & know current market design & development trends to satisfy customer’s needs. Interior design is not mere painting walls & applying wallpaper, it is about creating an excellent color panel to decorate your home or interiors to bring a feeling of completeness. Gracious themes and vibrant outlook make an attractive interior.

INIFD Ghatkopar has gained an excellence in the field of interior design coaching. Flawless faculties train students with excellent & latest methodologies of the concept. They have a technical approach & focus is basically on making a rhythm of colors to create an aura of harmony within the premises. Programs here are designed with an aim to create a pivot of creative plans along with execution of high skills to design architectural and interior spaces. Learn from the leader.





  • Textiles For Interior
  • Advance Furniture Design
  • Communication Technology For Interior Design
  • Concept And Style Studio
2 Years Specialisation Course in Interior Design


  • Lighting For Interior Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Visual Merchandising Display
2 Years Specialisation Course in Interior Design




  • Design Source & Materials
  • Art and Architecture History – 1
  • Fundamentals Of Interior Graphics
  • Interior Design Studio – 1
  • English: Prose and Usage
  • Management Skills
3 Years Course in Interior Design


  • Art and Architecture History – 2
  • Interior Service System
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Interior Construction
  • English Composition & Business Correspondence
3 Years Course in Interior Design


  • Professional Practice
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Restaurant & Bar Design
  • Interior Design Studio – 3
  • Retail Design
3 Years Course in Interior Design



One Year Foundation Program Interior Design
One Year Foundation Program

The One-Year course provides the students with a firm foundation..

Two years advance Program Interior Design
Two Years Advance Program

The program focuses on the basics of research methods and design..

Three Years Specialisation Program Interior Design
Three Years Specialisation Program

The Three – Year offers the students an opportunity to..    

Super Specialisation in Interior-Design
Super Specialisation in Interior Design

The Super Specialisation program in Interior Design is..

Interior Design Courses In Mumbai

INIFD Ghatkopar

Interior design is an art of creating simple spaces into functional and interesting ones. Best Interior Design Courses in Mumbai is not just about design homes but it also includes spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, malls, etc. Interior designer is that person who plans, research, coordinates, and manages such projects. Therefore, interior design is for those people who are very artistic and have a great sense of knowledge in space planning, colour, texture etc. They are very excellent in communication which enables them to understand the client’s needs more specifically. A professional interior designer is the one who manages to make the space aesthetically beautiful within a limited budget. Interior design in today’s India is much more competitive than it was years ago. With the introduction of various techniques and new materials, interior design has shaped the aesthetics of infrastructure.
Interior Design is not just creating an aesthetically pleasing resident or commercial space. It is about understanding the client’s needs and crafting a functional yet visually appealing environment that feels right to the client.

Super Specialisation in Fashion Design

An interior designer can work on any long-term or short-term projects, in the field of hospitality, residential, commercial, healthcare etc. It means the interior designer has the flexibility to move to any areas. Interior designer who owns a valid degree in interior designcan work as an interior & spatial designer, exhibition designer, production or set designers, VM-visual merchandiser, industrial design, apparel & lifestyle design, retail designer, accessory design, universal design, human factors design, sustainable and craft design, color consultants etc.

There is an enormous growth forecasted in interior design due to tremendous investment in residential projects along with other sectors. The Indian real estate industry is supported by the government plans for urban India. So it will lead to an increase in the number of job opportunities in the construction industry. Interior designer needs to communicate with Architect, Furniture designers, graphic designers, product designers, textile designers, promoters etc.

An interior designer can work in any architectural or construction company, Interior design company, Exhibition centres, Event management companies, Design consultancies, Retailers, Theatre, TV, film, Photography, Teaching, and Design journalism. A career in interior design proves to be extremely bright in India only if it is done from a reputed interior design institute with the best interior design courses in Mumbai.

Interior Design Courses pursued from INIFD has its own advantages such as growing your network, guaranteed placement, a chance to learn from the best and experience the joy of pursuing your dreams.

Top Reasons To Take Best Interior Design Courses in Mumbai

  1. When you sign up for one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai a respective interior design institute, you will be assigned to the faculties – a personal mentor and professional who will be responsible for teaching you with their wealth of industry experience. In interior design courses in Mumbai, you will get to learn lots of things in interior design from an experienced teacher which will grow your career and solve the upcoming challenges in your career.
  2. One of the strongest reasons for you to pursue interior design courses in Mumbai is its growing demand. Nowadays, modern people in the society love their home to speak the beauty of their luxurious and aesthetic standards. And all they need is interior design. Therefore, they need new decors, furniture, designs. With increasing luxurious needs of people with regards to the interior, choosing to pursue an interior design course can be seen as a wise move.
  3. The most intriguing part of interior design is that it is not a desk job. If you like to travel, then you are born for interior design.
  4. By taking up the best interior design courses in Mumbai, you can learn interior design in a more organized way. You will start with the basic of interior design. So that it will help you to learn the interior design step by step.
  5. By pursuing interior design from a prestigious institute such as INIFD you have the opportunity to learn and perfect other skills such as fashion design, art design and polish your already learnt skills.
Super Specialisation in Fashion Design

One Year Foundation Program-

Our one-year foundation program covers the firm foundation in design thinking, the basics of technical drawing, and exposure to various types of materials used in interiors. After the completion of this course, students will be able to work as residential designers, interior stylists, colour consultants, kitchen and bathroom designers.

  1. Fundamentals of design will help students to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including color and color theory.
  2. Visual communication and presentation include basics of technical drafting, illustrative sketching, and presentation of work using various Media. It helps interior designers to come up with and communicate realistic ideas.
  3. Studio for residential space helps students to learn how to conceptualize design and execute it using techniques. Space planning, defining finishes and materials for space.
  4. In the interior construction and detailing subject, students will learn the importance of various types of constructional details as applicable to interior spaces.
  5. The topic essential of materials and systems helps students to learn about the properties and usage of various materials available in the market today along with building systems such as sanitary and plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems etc.
One Year Foundation Program in Interior Design

Two Year Advance Program-

This course introduces students to all the knowledge and information required by a professional interior designer including professional practice, budgeting and estimating quantities and cost. In this course, students will learn to design and handle commercial spaces such as office, retail, and hospitality design.

  1. Evolution of interior design is the theory based course and will focus on inculcating an awareness and appreciation among the students of the evolution of interior design and furniture, their growth and development through the ages.
  2. Studio for workspace will help students to design a functional and aesthetically appealing working space.
  3. In the subject studio for retail and store, students will learn retail psychology and how design influences the process of marketing and branding.
  4. It is very important for the interior designer to run the business and marketing his/her skills. In the topic business of interior design, students will learn to prepare estimates and write specifications for a design project.
Fashion Design Courses In Mumbai

Three Year Specialisation Program-

This course will introduce students to various aspects of interior design such as Vastu Shastra, Portfolio Development, Bathroom and Kitchen Design as well as upcoming fields like Transformable spaces and systems.

  1. In portfolio development and presentation, students will learn about various types of portfolios and how to best present their work to prospective clients or employers.
  2. The topic transformable systems and spaces introduce students to techniques and systems which can transform spaces but do not compromise on comfort or aesthetics.
  3. Application of Vastu and Feng Shui gives an overview of the principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.
  4. The subject future of bathrooms and kitchens helps students to broaden their perspectives and design the kitchens and bathrooms more lavishly and for a variety of interiors.
Three Year Specialisation Program Interior Design Courses

Super Specialisation in Interior Design-

This Super Specialisation program course is designed to provide the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to operate in a challenging and challenging global environment. After successful completion of this Super Specialisation program, graduates will be able to work as an interior designer, visual merchandiser, exhibition designer, teacher, etc.

Super Specialisation Program
First Year-

Super Specialisation in Interior Design
  1. Students will be able to understand the importance of fabrics in interior design and how to choose fabrics and other woven material for an interior space.
  2. The subject furniture design studio will enable students to explore the design, production, and usage of furniture in an interior space.
  3. Students will be able to convey complex ideas in the built environment and apply methods for crafting the message, presentation techniques, and personal Web communication with the help of media communication for interior design.
  4. In the subject inspiration and concept development, students will explore the catalysts of style and design throughout particular periods of design history and their influences through readings, discussions, slide lectures, and design projects.

Super Specialisation Program Second Year-

  1. Students will be able to analyze interior lighting installations, select appropriate light fixtures and prepare a lighting plan for various interior spaces.
  2. This course is designed to provide students with the implementation strategies for the design of environmentally responsible structures, spaces through a series of lectures case studies, and projects.
  3. In the subject window display and visual merchandising, students will gain a basic understanding of the field of visual merchandising and display through studying the various elements that comprise the discipline.