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Chief Mentor – Interior Design

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Chief Mentor – Fashion Design

Fashion and Interior Designing Programs

Super Specialisation in fashion design courses mumbai

M.Sc. Fashion Designing

The Master’s degree or Post Graduation Degree in Fashion Designing is designed to make student an expert in fashion styling, garment designing, merchandizing and plenty fashion cores.

best fashion design courses in mumbai

B.Sc. Fashion Designing

Check out our three-year full-fledged under-graduation program in Fashion Design that will lead you to your goals.

fashion design courses in mumbai

International Certification – FD

Students get a chance to showcase their expert designing skills & also receive practical training which will result in development of clothing, textiles and garment skills.

One Year Foundation Program in Interior Designing

M.Sc. Interior Designing

This program is designed with an aim of keeping it comprehensive as well as interdisciplinary. It is more practical training oriented along with vast advanced theoretical knowledge.

Top Interior Designing Courses in Mumbai

B.Sc. Interior Designing

Interior Designing is all about learning from scratch & making wonderful output of the interiors. This course teaches you to prepare spatial designs.

Super Specialisation Program in Interior Design

International Certification – ID

This course aims at aiming framing attitudes as well as principles which would surely turn them professional individuals that help in facing real-world situations.


Inifd Ghatkopar turned out to be an amazing platform for me. Would really appreciate the efforts they are taking to bring out the best in us. Amazing faculty with best directors anybody would have. I would recommend fashion and interior students to go for it.

Aashna Tated
Aashna TatedFashion Design Student

For me, INIFD Ghatkopar is an institution which makes you work really hard and brings out the best in you. Our Faculties are more like family members to us. They help us, support us and give us the best one could give. Apart from this we get the best platform to showcase our talent, our creativity. We get great exposure as well as learning. They groom us and prepare us for the tough competitions and placements. The college environment is excellent. If someone wants to pursue Fashion/Interior Designing, go ahead with this college as it will help you to achieve all your dreams.

Bhawna Bhavnani
Bhawna BhavnaniFashion Design Student

Their teaching, their affection, the ambience everything is too good. They have a personal touch with every student. It has just been six months and in this short time I have got many opportunities to showcase my talent and work on my flaws. One day I want to say, “ I made it and I’m pretty sure I’ll owe my credits to INIFDGHATKOPAR.”

Diksha Jain
Diksha JainInterior Design Student

Inifd ghatkopar has proved that they are the best .Each and every faculty including our directors are so kind that they help us in every possible way like a family .They try their best to bring our hidden talents out through number of exhibitions,workshops,extra activities etc ..INIFD Ghatkopar Rocks.

Drishti Ochani
Drishti OchaniInterior Design Student

Everything is perfect over here…the directors and teachers are very friendly to share all our doubts and clear it….I loved it.

Etee Jain
Etee JainFashion Design Student

Its been half a year being a student in INIFD Ghatkopar and I already feel so connected with my co-learners and staff members. Its has became my second family and its worth spending more 2 years of my life with such amazing people. Whatever i have learned in past months its has been joyful and interesting. For the first time i got a chance to showcase my talent with the institute and it was my first workshop I ever conducted in my life . Thanks for everything and i will surely recommend INIFD Ghatkopar to my friends. Much love..

Hrishita Shetty
Hrishita ShettyFashion Design Student

It’s a amazing platform for the freshers . Inifd ghatkopar is the best. Including all faculties even the surroundings .even the directors are bravo, they stand as a role model for me
I love INIFD Ghatkopar……!!!!!!

Kirti Chattiyar
Kirti ChattiyarFashion Design Student

Why i love Inifd Ghatkopar? Because it brushes up my talent and sharpen up my dreams. Here I’ve got an opportunity to witness many fashion weeks and experience many workshops.

Inifd ghatkopar gives us a platform to showcase your talent and inspire you to achieve success in your life. It has also given us an opportunity to present ourselves in New york fashion week as well as they’re giving us internship & Job assistance. Recently they’ve arranged interviews and orientation programme by Tommy hilfiger and many more brands are there to come. The faculties here are very experienced and I personally love to come here and attend every single class.

Muskan Ora
Muskan OraFashion Design Student

I am very happy to share my experience as an inifdian …its been almost an year now and it has already become a family to me …everyone is so nice here and even the faculties are well experienced….and our directors are the sweetest. Inifd gives us a great platform to showcase our talents plus the learning which is given is fun learning where it’s more than just studies. We are attending a lot of different workshops. Which adds up different experience. I have made many friends here from whom I am learning new things everyday. The environment is very friendly. If anyone is interested in building up a designing career than inifd is a right place for you. I ‘ll be very proud after completing my course from here and I will be getting many opportunities as well . I love being here and i feel lucky to be surrounded by many talented people.

Rashi Rajput
Rashi RajputInterior Design Student - Lakme Fashion Week Participant

Inifd is just woewwwwww n m happy dat i hv choosed inifd institute for my career ssly its amazingproud to b INIFD student

Sakshi Sanghrajka
Sakshi SanghrajkaFashion Design Student

INIFD is the best!! I am learning a tons of new stuff. All thanks to our professional teachers who are a great support and guidance who make the course effective and are improving me day by day.

Sharon Gaikwad
Sharon GaikwadFashion Design Student - Lakme Fashion Week participant 2018

The best part of the institute is that the faculty are very friendly.Each student is given personal attention. They are updated about each and every student.They try their best to solve every kind of issue we have. They have given us a lot of opportunities that brings out the best in us. We get the best platform to showcase our talent and creativity.If someone wants to pursue Fashion or Interior designing,go ahead with this college as it will help you to achieve your dreams.

Simeen Baig
Simeen BaigFashion Design Student

Passion/Fassion For Design Industry Starts Here. It’s GenNext Era to Begin with Creativity.
Place where You have to think Out of Box, come up with Unique Creations. Opportunity for Hands On Experience In Present Industry is provided.

Vikram Mokani
Vikram MokaniInterior Design Student

Inifd ghatkoper provides with a great platform with the best faculty.

Vinit Kishnani
Vinit KishnaniFashion Design Student - Visited London School of Trends for 1 Month Course

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Best Fashion & Interior Designing Institute In Mumbai

Find Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Mumbai

For so many years it was a matter of social acceptance by many that if you are supposed to choose a career then doctors, engineers are the best choices. But with the growing trend, our generations realized that there are other sectors too who offer a bright career and golden opportunity to students. These career options are offered by interior designing and fashion designing institutes.

When you are choosing fashion designing as a career you are making a long-term decision but the right one as it is one of the best paying industry and does not lag behind any other mesmerizing job opportunity.  The popularity of fashion designing can be known from the fact that since past few years the competition in the fashion industry has grown at a rapid rate and there are so many factors which influence this industry which is the culture of the people and social attitudes that has developed over time and space. You need to join the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai.

Fashion designing has evolved a lot in past years. From wearing “the designer clothes” which were worn by the royal families or royalty of the ancient world are now a trend and everyday demand of common masses and has become “ haute couture”  products of the present world.

There are so many different types of jobs offered by the fashion industry to the fashion stream lovers. You can be the part of fashion research or designing sector or you can choose to be the part of the production sector. You are free to choose cloth production or textile designing also. But you need to keep in mind that whatever field you choose you need to be creative as the fashion industry demands the creation of a unique and new type of garments and fashion accessories to meet the changing needs of fashion. You will not learn the art of creativity from anywhere. So you need to choose fashion designing colleges in Mumbai wisely.

Fashion design courses in Mumbai are not restricted to the designing of new clothes only as the scope and limits know no boundaries. Fashion Designing involves a wider involvement of design and creativity as the industry designs jewelry, accessories, footwear, luggage etc. along with designing clothes. These wide ranges of products have made the industry so broad, glamorous, appealing, exciting and innovative career options for students who go for best fashion designing courses in Mumbai.

If you think that you can think out of the box and you have that X-Factor in you then you need to go for it. If you really feel that the amount of creativity, style, and imagination required to turn your imaginary designs into reality then you are the one and you just need to look for the best institute for interior designing in Mumbai which can transform your career and only one such fashion designing institutes in Mumbai has the outstanding standards of providing the quality fashion designing education in Mumbai.

We are talking about our very own INIFD Mumbai (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing)

INIFD Mumbai is the las=rgest network of Design Institute with more than 24 years of Trust, Performance & Success. INIFD has its global presence with more than 5 Lacs Pass Out students and 25,000 students who are successfully passing out every year from the college. These reasons have made INIFD as one of the best fashion designing institute in Mumbai.  The excellence and expertise of the college do not end here. INIFD delivers fashion designing courses with consideration of co-operative, experienced and extremely helpful staff, faculty, reputed mentors (industry experts), loads of opportunities, good exposure, tons of fashion shows, workshops and so many events and above all these a promise of placement and guarantees to keep the promise.

INIFD, one of the well-known fashion designing institutes in Mumbai, provides certification in M.Sc in fashion designingB.Sc in fashion designing, and international certification in fashion designing


Although the fashion designing industry is highly competitive if you have completed your fashion designing degree from the most reputed college like INIFD, then you can pursue a golden career in the fashion industry with the huge boost in the terms of networking and placements.

You don’t have to worry much about the whereabouts of the experienced staff and mentors in the college will teach you all.

After successfully completing the degree and learning all aspects of the fashion designing course of your choice, you can begin your career as a trainee fashion designer. You are now ready to face the real world challenge and there are so many different job profiles in the field. The list goes this way.

  • One option is to become a Fashion Designer – These folks are responsible for creating new products with brand new designs and styles that will be liked by everyone and become trending in the competitive apparel market.
  • The second one is Fashion Illustrator – These people make the primary sketches of what the fashion designers are going to make and turn ideas into reality. So this job is exciting as well.
  • Fashion Stylist – If you don’t like the above two options, don’t get disheartened, because you can try your luck and become Fashion Stylist. The importance of these people can be understood from the fact that these are the minds behind the successful fashion shows. They are responsible for maintaining the beauty, look, and presentation of the fashion show or any promotional programs. They volunteer and take the responsibilities like make-up, hairstyle, dress codes etc. in order to give the best look to the show.

Raise your hands if you want to become an Interior Designer –

Another industry which is gaining popularity among students is interior designing. Working in the interior design sector will let you express your creativity at every step. You will get varied work exposure because you will be asked to work on different projects like offices, homes, and clients will be entirely different from one another in terms of liking taste, goals and even budgets. You will be asked to deal with people from different occupations like architects, engineers, contractors etc which will be exciting and a learning experience. Thus in order to gain expertise in the coming years, you should choose the best interior design courses in Mumbai from the best institute for interior designing in Mumbai.

The scope of interior designing in India is very competitive than it was several years ago. In order to make a successful career in the interior designing sector, it’s important for you to have an early exposure in the industry by the means of best education and practical experience from the reputed interior designing institutes like INIFD Mumbai.

Because an intelligent Interior designer is equipped with tons of exposure, education, degree, and practical experience to plan, execute and design even the most difficult projects successfully.  The interior designing career asks anyone to think design which can beautify homes or renovate properties and then executing the designs created by you to make the client’s space more appealing and in the way client wants. Since the consideration and needs of the client are very important, so the person must possesan s outstanding sense of management and good communication skills and should be creative.

If one has the required talent then the industry for interior designing in India offers you loads of opportunities to establish a career in the field. Mumbai is one of the biggest hubs for upcoming interior designers. With INIFD you have the golden opportunity to learn from the world class faculty and fulfill your needs.

Job areas of an interior designer. There are so many areas where an aspiring interior designer can choose to specialize in, such as residential areas like (which includes small or big houses, all types of flats, and any type of accommodation which can be used for domestic accommodation) or workplaces (includes factories, offices and any number of other settings), old museums, big galleries and wide range of other private and public settings,you can even work commercial sector like (retail shops, shopping malls, warehouses, conference centres and more), If you are in leisure field then you can go for leisure (which means cinemas , theatres, and gyms ), big or small hotels, any restaurants , any pubs, any type of cafes and any type of nightclubs. Education centres like schools, and big universities, health centres, any type of hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics also.

What an interior designer does? :  The job starts with the brain storming of the ideas and meeting the clients with those ideas, understanding their expectations, understanding the needs of the clinet, the budget they are offering and the amount of time they want the project to get completed.

After you are done with the client needs and understanding, you need to start with the research work that how you can beautify the space with the least budget and minimum time. After this step, you are ready to create a proposal and share it with your clients. Your proposal should contain sketches, detailed plan of what you are going to do with the space, and what type of design you are going to apply in the space. After everything is done client is shown the final work or end result.

But in order to pursue best interior design courses in Mumbai, you should choose INIFD Mumbai as it is the finest college for the interior designing course in Mumbai.

There is nothing to worry about!

All you have to do is to reach the best place which is the best interior designing institute in Mumbai. INIFD Ghatkopar, Mumbai is one of the best interior designing institute and has given wings to the dreams of so many interior designing aspirants. This institute provides you the firm foundation in design thinking, knowledge of basic technical drawing, exposure to various types of materials which are used by the expert interior designer. INIFD provides many programsin interior designing such as one year foundation program, twoyear advance program, three- year specialization program and super specialization in interior design.