Bachelor in Fashion Designing

Super Specialisation in fashion design courses mumbai

B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

INIFD Ghatkopar helps students to build a creative strategy that results in building their own brand & desire the same.

B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is the game of generating creative techniques.

B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

It is not mere noticing & identifying a brand but to be the one.

B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

So, we have created a three-year full-fledged under-graduation program in Fashion Design that will lead you to your goals.

First Year

Element Of Textile

Textiles are the basic raw materials for apparel, the objective of this course is to provide detailed knowledge about fibers, yarns, fabrics and the processes and methods involved in the construction of textiles.

Basics Of Fashion

This subject will expose the students to the basics of design and the fundamentals of fashion and design theories. Students will learn to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including color interaction and their attributes. The study of different elements and principles of design along with fashion forecasting will be an integral part of this course to build a strong foundation.

Fashion Illustration And Model Drawing

This subject forms the foundation of fashion designer’s work as it helps a designer to come up with original ideas. Students will be introduced to the basic kids and female illustrations and use of different drawing tools and mediums of color. This course will help the students to develop an understanding of figure proportions of kids and women.

Garment Construction & Drafting

Students will be introduced to the techniques and basic construction details for women and kids clothing of different age groups from infant to teenagers. The study of pattern making and garment construction techniques for kids and women clothing will form the basis of this course.

Management Skills

No matter what industry you work in or where you are in your career, a basic understanding of financial, marketing and decision-making principles and other management fundamentals will help you achieve your professional goals. Management skills will provide you with the knowledge needed to help achieve the next step in your career.

English Prose And Usage

English Prose and Usage is decorated to help students gain command over the language. It is loaded with useful everyday English language that will not just boost your English grammar skills but will also help develop and improve your English fluency.

Second Year

Textile Study Applicable To Fashion Art

The study of fabrics formed from non-fibrous as well as fibrous materials, knitting, basic weaves, woven fabrics  and finishing fabrics will form the basis of this course.

Study Of Apparel Marketing

Students will get knowledge about the structure of apparel industry. The study of role, function and importance of different departments of an apparel industry will form the basis of this course.

Fashion Illustration And Application

Students will learn to illustrate male and female croquis. The study of stylized croquis will form the basis of this course.

Advanced Techniques Of Garment Construction

The study of construction of women and men clothing will form the basis of this course.

English Composition & Business Correspondence

Students will learn how to write neutral and inquiry letters, as well as positive and negative letters.  Effective Business Writing; Word Usage; Parts of a Business Letter; Letter and Punctuation Styles; Planning and Organizing a Letter; Creating Letters with Word Templates etc.

Third Year

Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising

The aim of the subject is to enable students to appreciate the unique aspects and concepts of marketing, retail marketing and visual merchandising. It focuses attention on apparel business giving a thorough knowledge of merchandising.

Study Of Apparel Manufacturing Process

This subject includes study about clothing industry, different departments in fashion industry, garment costing and pricing, work measurements and quality control techniques.

Care Renovation And Finishes Of Textiles

The subject aims to inculcate awareness about finishes and care techniques for different types of textiles.

Project Work

The study of casual wear, fabric presentation, party wear, bridal wear, school wear, evening dress, accessories, embroideries etc will be basis of this course.

Design Concept & Art Portfolio

Fashion Concept & Design Development introduces the students to the complete preliminaries of portfolio development step by step. The course aims to teach all skills and knowledge that go into making of a professional designer.

Promotional Product Development

Products or services will not be sold unless people are told about them. So, in this subject the students will be introduced to the steps for creating an effective brand identity, and developing product insights, exploration processes of promotions and more.