INIFD Ghatkopar – Chirag Patel

What Students Think About INIFD Ghatkopar – Chirag Patel

Institute life obviously has the potential to shape any individual’s life path.When I completed my school life, I was completely clueless about what will be the right career path for me.  Then one day I got inspired by a successful man who had impeccable skills to design spaces. I realised that it was something I loved to do in childhood. That is how I decided to give interior design a try. From this point onward, INIFD Mumbai completely took over the moulding of my day & nights. It contributed by providing me with various platforms to harness my talent guided by the faculties at each level. It is the best interior design college in Mumbai. The best part of INIFD institute is the supporting faculty who are always happy to help. They make the design concepts very clear. The institute also helps in developing practical knowledge; they arrange various kinds of workshops which help in learning concepts which are trending currently.

They organise special classes on improving communication skills in which I was not very good, these classes were my biggest value addition as they brought a drastic change in my way of communication. Besides faculty, the icing on the cake is that many friends I got to meet here. The group is extremely supportive and interesting which makes learning together a joyful experience. With each passing day, my bond with my classmates is getting stronger. The Institute is my small world, my family, the family which made me realize what I am and what I am capable of. It comes under the top interior design institute in Mumbai. I am growing mature; I now know what it requires to become a professional & worldly wise. The confidence boost I received by choosing INIFD assures me of myself & my future. I am happy to say that I am having the ideal experience of college life which everyone craves for.