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In 2019, we have seen some marvelous fashion trends that brought a new change in the fashion world. From Ribbed bike shorts, Ricky boiler Jumpsuits, to slip dresses; these fashion trends were seen from streets to fashion runways.

However, 2020 has brought some more fashion trends that will homage to the era of the 60s and 70s. On the other hand, these trends have also comprehended the need and comfort of modern society. Here is a list of top fashion trends for 2020 to upgrade your style with best fashion design institute in Mumbai.

Nothing suits you like the Tailored Suits

In today’s era, people like to look sturdy and elegant. The best way to fit both of these categories is by wearing a tailored suit. Any person can get a suit for them through a local store, however, a tailored suit will enhance and refine your look for any occasion.

Whether in the office meeting or a night party, you can rock anywhere in a high-quality tailored suit. The measurement of the body with the right fabric and color will make you look fashion-forward and sharp for 2020.

Puff Sleeves? Yes, Please!

Puff sleeves were the favorite look for girls in 2019 and it will continue to be for this year as well. Puff sleeves have a classic Victorian-era charm and ultra-girly look. Unlike some styles, the charming puffed sleeves look adorable on any body shape and size.

There are different ways of incorporating the puff style into your fashion sense. There are three types of puff sleeves such as:

  • Puff Sleeves with fullness at the top
  • Puff Sleeves with fullness at the bottom
  • Puff sleeves with fullness on both the sides (top and bottom)
Neon Colours are ON!!!!

When it comes to modern color trends, most preferred are the brightest and lavish colors. These new-age preferences are fulfilled by Neon colors. You will see people from celebrities, classmates, to colleagues; wearing some type of neon color every day.

Neon colors have the perfect shades for the evening and night occasions. You have a wide range of styles to choose from like neon hues, neon garments, neon tops, neon tracksuits and many more.

Fanny Packs are back!

No! Not the one you have worn in your school days, these fanny packs are modern-day fannies for the people who like to go old school. From Gucci, Fendi, to Louis Vuitton; Fannie packs bring back the old style with new adhesion.

It meets the modern requirements and has rocked the fashion games from fashion runways to street walks. Fanny packs also give you a creative space to wear it any way you want. The most common style is to sling over your chest.

Feather to look stellar

2020 is going to be a year for fringe and feathers, and it will be one of the main fashion trends. Some might argue, it is a style only for celebrities, but modern designers have proved them wrong.

Feathers can be seen in all types of accessories and clothing such as shoes, tops, earrings, and more. Everyone can have a bit of this trend in your styling and make it look attainable.

The return of the old style with modern integration is another way to define fashion. The blend of the new styles will help you to rock and wear them all year long. Keep in touch with INIFD, Ghatkopar blogs to develop your fashion sense and styling game with the best fashion design institute in Mumbai.

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