INIFD Ghatkopar – Sreesha Banan

Life is like a roller coaster, full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and full of surprises. Our institute life is just as exciting, where we experience ups and downs like being on a roller coaster ride. There were exciting moments along with stressful, anxious, nervous, frightening, and victorious moments. My journey till now has been genuinely surprising.

Being an NRI, I expected things to be bumpier since Mumbai is known for its fast life & its own culture. But I wouldn’t deny that INIFD Mumbai has never made me feel like an outcast. I still remember the first day which was the orientation day, wandering hither and thither, surrounded by strangers. I felt like Alice in wonderland. I would thank one of the faculties of INIFD as she gave me confidence to be bold enough to break the ice and blend like I belonged there. It ranks among the top interior design institute in Mumbai.

The institute has helped me carve a personality of my own. The faculties have shown their belief in me and helped in bringing out the creativity that even I didn’t believe existed. My self-confidence has soared. The friends I have found here are my most proud possession. The institute has become a second home as we spend most of our time learning, working, executing projects together.  The industrial visits are most fun part, they are the best way of learning that institute organizes.

It’s a wonderful point in life where we take goal oriented steps towards our future, making many friends, evaluating many opportunities, and preparing for the challenges of professional journey after college. It is the best interior design college in Mumbai.

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