INIFD Ghatkopar – Bhavna Bhawani

My stint in INIFD is one of the fun and interesting phase of my life. It has given me an opportunity to dig out so much out of myself, to explore the creative possibilities and to challenge myself enough to grow in a safe and protective environment. INIFD provides with the best fashion designing courses in Mumbai.

My experience at INIFD Mumbai has reinforced one fundamental thing – ‘Life is unpredictable. It might be good, it might me bad, it might be weird and it might not interest you, but INIFD Mumbai has taught me to give my best possible effort rather than waiting around for my environment to become perfect. They not only helped me to learn creative knowledge but constantly pushed for developing self-confidence. The best part about INIFD is emphasis on overall personality development, to become well rounded, responsible, self-dependent and mature citizens.

It is a perfect blend of joy and hardships to push my limits. As it is said- “learning never ends”, whether it be in academics or be it in co-curricular skills, I have learned a lot not just about the core subjects but how to conduct myself in the world to succeed as a professional.

Thanks to INIFD Mumbai for bringing such a positive change in my life. It has definitely opened my mind. In 1.5 years, I feel much stronger and smarter person from the girl I was in school. They have given me so many beautiful memories which will be cherished forever. I always wanted to pursue Fashion Designing as my career and INIFD makes for a great springboard as it does not restrict me to a set curriculum or very strict course boundaries. They provide everything that students ask to learn and need to know before jumping into the work life. I will forever cherish and be grateful for everything INIFD has brought to my experience. Also with no doubt it is one of the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai.

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