INIFD Ghatkopar – Bhagyashree Solanki

Students Perspective About INIFD Ghatkopar – Bhagyashree Solanki

Every individual should have a sense of what is right and wrong on its own. Move up or move out i.e. when an individual doesn’t make a conscience effort to expand his mind, they are bound to decline. My time investment in INIFD has helped me change a lot of things and have made me a better person. It is the Best Interior design institute in Mumbai. It has taught me an essential detail that, being responsible and completing my work on time is probably far more challenging than any academic activity. Moving out of the institute and facing real-life challenges is a big step as well as leap and needs to be handled with maturity.

At first I did not feel the need to change, but as I entered my second year of institute, I realised a few things and adulthood is one of them. INIFD ranks among the top interior design institute in Mumbai. It has transformed me in such a way that I am able to take charge of my life, instead of depending on my parents for every decision. From prioritising tasks, scheduling days, month and life in general and staying focused is something that I am learning under the influence of my teachers and fellow students.

I now realise how important it is to graduate from a well-versed institute in-order to incur good qualities and skills. In the atmosphere provided by my institute, my game plan for life took its shape. I got a vision of what I want and how will I pursue it. I express my gratitude towards INIFD Mumbai.  I have made it my passion to be a learner life-long, to never stop sharpening my skills and god-given talent.