Qualities Of Fashion Designer

Qualities Of Fashion Designer

What Is Fashion Design?

Everyone in today’s world wants to look presentable to the outside world; it can be for a function, an event or a party. It is basically the art of executing the design in such a way that it will enhance your presence. Every female individual has this agenda of having designed their clothes from a popular designer for their wedding function. Fashion design is the aspect where you tend to gain a personality of your own by just dressing fashionably. It also illustrates the style sense of a particular person, as everyone has a different taste in clothes and how they to carry themselves.

What are some qualities a fashion designer should consist of?

 1. Excellent communication skill

In fashion design field there should not be communication barriers present as this can cause a lot of difficulty in the making of a garment, as their numerous people involved. If communication skills are on point then every work can be completed effectively. INIFD Ghatkopar focuses on the communication skills of students.

2. Business vision

One should also contain the quality of having a business related vision other than designing quality and imagination power. This quality can able you to make proper sales target and can also help to understand the whole work scenario entirely.

 3. Team performer

As we all know a lot of time is invested in constructing one designer garment and also many participants are there who have different roles like: fashion designer, fashion stylist, graphic designers, fashion illustrators etc. So a fashion designer should be well versed regarding having this quality.

4. Immensely Creative

Fashion designers main task is to be highly creative and artistic. They should have a strong imagination power of mix-matching colours, fabrics and shapes. They should come up with new designs and more creative ideas for the growth of fashion in our world.  INIFD Ghatkopar – Fashion design institute in Mumbai organizes creative workshops and industry tour to give a chance to students to know about the sneak peek of the creative world. 

5. Awareness of current trends

Before designing a garment, you should be aware about what is trending and according to that go ahead with your designs. If a designer knows about all these things it will make easier for them to come up with new designs.

6. Fast Decision making quality

Every fashion designer should have the ability of decision making. Indecisiveness can delay the whole procedure of constructing the garment and delivering the end product to ones customers. All their processing is bifurcated among many people and every mind functions differently from the other one, so this helps in getting many ideas for the same product. During this they should be quick enough in making the right decision.

7. Be aware of your competitors

The fashion designer should have the knowledge of what their competitors are doing. This can help them serve better designs from their competitors.

8. Good computer skills

The designer should be aware of all the software’s like: corel draw, illustrator, adobe photo-shop etc. If they are well versed with this software’s they can easily illustrate their designs with its help. In today’s world everyone makes use of different types of software’s for editing and designing.  INIFD Ghatkopar an Institute located in Mumbai also helps students learn in detail about the software’s.

9. Sewing Skills

One can explain the designated tailor properly if they themselves are aware of little bit of tailoring. A designer should know the basics of how it is done. Stitching is the main part after designing is completed.

10. Great Imagination Power

They should have an eye of seeing things totally different from others. This is the quality every fashion designer should consist of. Without imagination power they won’t be able to design uniquely. Imagination is a skill which is very unique in itself.