INIFD Ghatkopar – Anoushka Braganza

How Students Feel About INIFD Ghatkopar – Anoushka Braganza

In life we go through many ups and downs, even I went through it and this made me realize many things. In the end, it helped me to make the right decision for my career. My right decision was to join the INIFD institute for my interior studies. I always had an interest in designing and wanted to pursue Interior design degree. Joining INIFD was a life-changing experience for me. They have the best interior design courses in Mumbai.

At first, I thought I will never be able to achieve the dream I have. Before INIFD, I was jamming myself into the molds made by others, I was living in other people’s dreams and lost myself trying to be somebody else’s version of perfect but then I came across INIFD Mumbai and slowly realized everything has its time. Joining INIFD made me improve in a lot of things and I experienced something new every day. They make you understand the in and out of designing and also make you well versed with the different parameters of Interior Design. INIFD is the Best Interior design institute in Mumbai.

I wasn’t courageous and had stage fright but now with INIFD personality development mentoring, I got the confidence to voice out my opinion and speak up in front of everyone with no fear. INIFD helps an individual to develop personality and improve other traits.

Earlier I was a very lazy, arrogant person and also a loner. But now INIFD made me a completely new person. They have helped me a lot in improving my designing skills and have always supported me in everything. The faculty at INIFD Mumbai is kind and polite and they are always there to mentor you. If a student has any doubts they are there to explain or solve the doubt without hesitating even once. Every process takes time to complete and slowly even I am heading towards success. This decision is surely one of the brightest stars in the constellation of my life.