As we have self-quarantined ourselves in this pandemic, we have noticed how the interior of our house affects our mood and lifestyle. Our ability to work and physical and mental comfort changes with the interior too. Founders of Mason Studio, Stanley Sun, believes that the current pandemic situation will change the perspective of interior design in the future.

Due to this COVID-19 situation, we can see the following changes in the world of interior designing, in the future.

1. Structure of the offices will be in such a way that social distancing can be maintained:

The structures of the workplace are going to change. The designers have to keep in mind to create the interior of the offices such that social distancing is maintained. We need to follow specific guidelines for the offices, such as the number of workers in one office, safety measures, precautions, etc. The future offices will have this new structure, and current workplaces will undergo the modifications.

2. Work from Home as New methodology of operation of the business:

The offices are an integral part of the corporate world. However, the pandemic has changed the way of thinking. Most likely, now the offices at home are going to be in trend.

The work from home has specific requirements such as lighting, noise, connectivity, fewer distractions, etc. The regular offices will be there. Moreover, the thing is that it will be a headquarters for the workers who are working from home.

The major problem that the designers will face is to set-up offices at a small home, where the office is just a desk in the corner.

3. Combination of physical and virtual environments:

Self-isolation has taught people how natural light is essential. Now interior design of the spacewill be made by keeping the availability of natural light in mind. More people will need space, which has good lighting and less noise.

4. Color trends:

The pandemic has increased the level of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. It is what happens when people keep themselves in a house for a long time. To keep ourselves merry and energetic, the colors of the wall matter too. The colors of the wall change the mood of a person. Sometimes colors make people do something productive and creative. In COVID-19 people have to stay at home for a long time. Therefore colors are going to be an integral part of the home’s interior design much than before.

5. The way of communication

Observing the current scenario, the communication between the clients and designers will take a turn. It will be important that the designers have a sensitive tone and pace. The way of pitching will change also.

The world is turning to digital. Video conferencing will take the place of physical meetings. Understanding the problems of clients and offering other consulting advice will help them plan for short and long-term goals.

6. Trade shows

International trade shows are not occurring nowadays. It is a very integral key in the world of design. The human touch matters a lot. Trade shows help us to know about the latest trends. It also helps us to understand our actual competitors and improve ourselves.

Although most people do not see the trade shows going away, the virtual shows will take place during this epidemic. The pandemic is forcing the industry to invent new models, tools, platforms, programs, and designs.

Now the size of the booth will not matter. The creativity and work will matter. The story you are bringing to life and who is the reason behind the projects will matter for sure.

Owned content is going to be more essential to invest in for designers and brands. The new era will be full of showcasing your work. The compilation of your past work, video presentations, testimonials are going to be a box of change. The retailers of the industry have said that they do not know how this pandemic will impact the seasonal sale, but the sure thing is that there will be tons of innovation in the industry of designing.

About International Institute of fashion design (INIFD)

Observing the pandemic, the institutes are also going to adopt the change. International Institute of fashion design (INIFD) the largest network of design institutes is also taking innovative ways. INIFDwas launched in 1995. The institute is located in Ghatkopar, West Mumbai. It is affiliated with LST (London School of Trends).

The institute provides the best interior designing courses in Mumbai. The institute has conducted the regular classes and workshops by world-class faculties for profound clarifications. The students here get lots of exposure and opportunities to showcase their creativity. We also provide chances for students to attend various well-known trade shows.

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