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Designing cannot change the world, but it surely can make it look prettier. Fashion designing includes designing clothes and accessories by smoothly applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty.

Fashion keeps changing according to the cultural and social attitudes of people. Fashion designers must keep the taste of people in their minds. The fashion designers research the likes and dislikes of the people around the world and merge the results to create one particular design.

Fashion Designing has been a vital part of our life. As a child also, we always wanted to look different and prettier than the other children. Many of us want to pursue a career in the fashion designing field. To be a famous fashion designer, you need not only proper education but also need a good fashion sense.

The fashion designing field is today’s fast-growing field, and a degree opens up the doors of a gleaming area. There are multiple job opportunities in the fashion industry, and find a job suitable to your personality is a must.

Some career options in fashion designing are listed below, look, and find out the type of job you are suitable for:

Fashion Designer:

They are taught everything, starting from cutting the cloth to successfully making a full garment in their fashion degree. When they can make full garments, then they have to create a wardrobe for a group of fashionistas as their task to get their degree.

Some fashion designers are very well trained in making different kinds of garments while some are specialized in one particular type, e.g., women’s sandals, handbags or men’s wear, etc.Fashion designers attend fashion shows to be aware of the fashion styles by other fashion designers.

Fashion Visual Merchandiser:

A visual merchandiser is a job title for people who design visuals. They also conceptualize and create store displays. A degree in merchandising diverges your creativity and attention towards other sectors of this field as well.

The responsibility of a visual merchandiser includes planning and creating a strategy around the store displays and other visuals. To be a visual merchandiser, you need to make designs that can attract the store owners aesthetically and make them want you as their store visual designer.

Fashion Writer/ Journalist:

Fashion writers create editorial copies for media houses like newspapers, fashion magazines, design websites as well as make exclusive fashion copies for television recordings. Generally, these types of jobs are available in the editorial departments of fashion companies.

Mostly they take care of the catwalks and fashion weeks. They can work as freelancers also.They also work with eminent fashion photographers. They are always working on their feet to get exciting and surprising stories of a designer or model for their followers.

They provide real stories of well-known fashion designers and models in the fashion industry.After they complete their stories, they pass it on to the chief editors of a famous publication.

Fashion journalists also have to research thoroughly, get interviews and proofs to state a particular fact about a person as by that they can change a person’s life and can destroy their careers as well. They make their stories fun, exciting, and engaging for the readers.

Fashion Stylist:

There should be a unique thing in a garment, and if you know how to give a garment an individual part, then this job is perfect for you. If you are good at mixing and matching the outfits, then you should try being a fashion stylist.

To acquire the specific techniques and skills, go for fashion designing courses, and you will be able to succeed in the fashion industry. A fashion stylist can give a makeover and are responsible for helping the photographer’s and director’s vision to come to life.

They are required at celebrity photoshoots, ad campaigns, music videos, recording studios, television serial sets, etc. Fashion stylist helps the person to boost their self-confidence by giving them a makeover they need.

Various prestigious institutes provide you with fashion courses. One of them is INIFD.

About INIFD:

INIFDor International Institute of Fashion Design is the largest and most famous institute in fashion schools. It was established in 1995 and had 5 lakh pass-outs to this date. Every year approximately 25,000 students get placements from this college.

INIFDis very successful and has various national and international collaborations. Their top recruiting companies are Adidas, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Cheer Sagar, Zara, Fabindia, Rana’s, and many more.

The faculty who provide the training in this field is well learned in this profession. They offer different courses that students can enroll in to follow their passion. They not only provide the required knowledge but also helps in developing your skills.

INIFD has created star designers who worked for famous movies like Jodha Akbar, Baji RaoMastani, etc. Twinkle Khanna is the Chief Mentor for the ‘INIFDAcademy of Interior.’ This network of institutes provides excellent opportunities for new graduates and is a dream institute for many students.


If you are the one who has good knowledge of clothing and designs and others also look for you when they need advice on fashion. Then this field is perfect for you. Being a fashion designer is a fulfilling and exciting job.

It’s the right career choice if you want to be surrounded by clothes and help people look good in their outfit. The fashion industry has different responsibilities to work on and is a growing field. You need to have the perfect skills and knowledge to be successful in this field. You should be ready to do hard work and solve problems with creativity.

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