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There is a massive difference between “house” and “home.” House is a building where you live, but a home is a place where you feel happy. When you decorate a house in a way that makes you feel alive and happy is when a house turns into a home.

Interior designing is a career where a student learns how to convert a house into a home. If you love arranging furniture in your home or change the colors if the wall, selecting curtains and bedsheets that can mix and make the room look alive, then this career is perfect for you.

Interior designing is not easy. You will face many challenges every day, but many times challenges can excite you to do much better things. Some points are that you should consider before deciding the interior design as a career. Let’s go through some of the primary aspects that are important to know, but people generally get confused in them:

1. Decorators and Designers are different people:

Interior decorators and designers are two different people, and the difference between them is due to the education level of interior designers. Anyone who loves getting involved with colors, fabrics, and textiles can become an interior decorator without any prior education.

While there is no degree for being an interior decorator, being an interior designer needs a bachelor’s degree to work in an interior design field.

2. Must have a passion for design:

For being an interior designer, you need to feel the colors, must know the spatial arrangements, architecture, and textiles. To be successful in any career, you need to have a passion for the work.

Otherwise, after a time, you will feel bored with it and will not get any new ideas to grow. Interior designing is a career where you need to have unique designs now and then. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to survive in this field.

3. Interior designing is not fun:

Fabric, furniture, and color positively play a vital role when it comes to interior designing, but it is not the only thing to look for. Many of these things might not seem like fun to you, like the fabric and colors.

Interior designers need knowledge about the history of design, building codes, the structural integrity of buildings, psychology, ethics, and many more things.

Interior designers must have interactive social skills as they not only have to deal with the house owners but have to work with builders, architects, government agencies, and business owners as well. A person needs to be well educated as well as well-rounded to be successful in the field of interior design.

4. Salary is not very high:

It is a myth that interior designers always get high pay, but it is still valid in some cases. It depends upon a lot of sectors such as location, work experience, etc. To get higher pay, you need experience and a job in a high-end architectural firm.

5. You need to be a socializing person:

It is challenging to work with clients sometimes. People can be tough to please. They may ask you for the designs that may cost a fortune in a low budget, and many more.

A successful interior designer knows the secret to pleasing the clients. They know what precisely the client will love without the information given by the client itself.

6. It would help if you have a portfolio:

It would help if you have an outstanding portfolio to impress the clients, then only you will get a chance to work for them. Without a portfolio, you can talk the whole day about colors, but no one will believe in the talent hidden in you.

As a fresher, you might have to offer your services for free or at a reduced cost to gain experience, and that’s how you will get a portfolio ready. This way, you can increase the number of people you know in the field as, during the project, you will get to know the local merchandisers and suppliers.

7. High level of competition:

Getting a good education in this field can help you get the upper hand when you enter the competition. It would be best if you look towards the future trends and then design. It can be a good idea to read design publications and to follow a mentor.

8. Virtual designers:

Interior designers can get jobs from anywhere in the world. The technology like Skype and design software can make things easier for the interior designers, and they don’t need to put effort into going anywhere or travel places to do the work. Many companies give interior designers discount, and that helps interior designers to help give their clients the best price.

9. Must know local laws and codes:

It gives an advantage to the interior designers from the decorators as designers need knowledge about plumbing codes, electricity, etc.

10. Client’s choice is superior:

Many times your taste does not match the choice of your client, but you should remember that client is superior.

INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Design):

INIFD is the largest network of design institutes (launched in 1995), has approximately 25,000 students passing out of college every year. INIFD is involved in various national and international collaborations.

INIFD has star designers who worked for famous movies like Jodha Akbar, BajiraoMastani, and many more. Twinkle Khanna is the Chief Mentor for the ‘INIFD Academy of Interior.’

This institute provides better opportunities for new graduates at an affordable price and is a dream institute of millions. INIFD presents the “Gen Next” show at Lakhme Fashion week. It gives a platform to the new building designers. INIFD provides an opportunity for students to showcase their ability in Fashion designing as well as in Interior designing.


Interior designing is a prestigious profession. By reading this article, you have gained knowledge about everything related to becoming an interior designer, so choose wisely and aim to become a great interior designer.

If you don’t have a taste for colors and designs, then it is tough to stand in the competition. But if you have, then get admission to a prestigious institute like INIFD and graduate in flying colors. Start the work and prepare a portfolio.

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