COVID – 19

The lockdown is being relaxed, and the stores are going to open. COVID – 19 financial effects on India’s retail community are long-lasting. In a bid to help karigars, labels, and artisans, designers in India and around the world are holding auction and sales to raise awareness and support the community.

In 2013, when Architect Ashiesh Shah curated his design exhibition OTLO at the Indian design Week, it was all about Indian arts and crafts. He hasrecently curated it as a week-long sale on (14-20May). He was part of the Indian Design Fund (TIDF). TIDF includes the penalists and designers like Vinita Chaitanya, ShimulJaveriKadri, PavitraRajaman, Jindal Handa, Iram Sultan. They are supporting the livelihood that is affected a lot by COVID – 19.

The sale features lots of brands that are known for their celebration of traditions and Indian culture. The works of GunjanGupta’sIkki’s, Dasrath Patel, Sabhyasachi X Thomas Goode Dinner plates, and objects from Shah’s Atelier. The textiles on sales are a collaboration between Darshan Patel and Atmosphere Fabric’s JayshreePodder because she studied under Patel.

The money from the sales will be directed towards Charities such as NGO, United way Mumbai – fight against COVID – 19. It is to help the construction workers and migrant Labours, apart from Artisan Community.

Recently, the fashion design council of India (FDCI) had established a ‘COVID – 19 Support Fund’ to support small businesses and young designers. As a part of it, designer duo Nikhil Mehra and Shantanu organized ‘The fraternity Talks.’ The talks were organized with Indian Fashion Stalwarts such as Rahul Mishra, Manish Malhotra, TarunTahiliani, and Sabyasachi on Instagram.

After a healthy discussion about the business of fashion in these times, all of the 4 designers volunteered to auction clothing. They raised about 6.18 Lacs.

The Indian Fashion community has made itself far from the competitor, said by Designer Shantanu Mehra. According to him, this action was done as a capitalized approach towards occupying a more significant chunk of the market. However, Mehra realized that it would not be possible to weather the storm individually. It is the reason that they organized the auction, which helps them to raise funds for designers and younger businesses. It helped them come together as a community.

Chennai based digital retail store known as The ReLove Closet also organized an auction for luxury and second – hand premium clothing. It proceeds through the kindness project for helping the Chennai – task force, which develops provisions to people in need.

This phenomenon has not just been widespread in India. The business of fashion reported in France as many as 80 international brands. The list includes Celine, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. have come together for “one-off auction.”

According to the report, each designer will be tasked with either designing a new garment from scratch or customizing an item from their archive.

However, India is the biggest employer of artisans, and we have to oil up that supply chain continuously. Though many workers have gone back to their villages, we can build up their confidence by bringing back the supply chain. It is the reason that this could be the start of another way of raising money by the process of Product Assortments and Consumer engagement.


International Institute of foreign Design was launched in the year 1995. Over 25,000 students pass out every year from the institute.

In 25 years, INFID had produced star designers who have presented their art in Prince Charles, Balaji Telefilms, Jodha Akbar, BajiraoMastani, etc.All the big names of the Indian Bollywood Industry are somewhere attached to INIFD. It is affiliated with the London School Of Trends (LST).

They aim of the institute is to provide quality coaching in interior design and fashion to the ordinary person in India by providing quality coaching at affordable fees. It is famous for technical facilities, modernize centers and world-class resources to provide education. It is a globally recognized Institute for Fashion and Interior Designing. It consists of qualified and experienced national & International faculties.

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