A Guide to Fashion Schools

Do you like to create your clothes and designs? You might be incredibly interested in browsing through ELLE and the plethora of women’s fashion magazines to catch the latest design trends. You are always making up your mind to find a trending model that suits your ideal design.

Then you must consider getting innovative courses on fashion designing even if you have made up your mind to go into this career. We will share some of the most vital things you must consider before you get into this career.

One of the first thing aspirants must learn in fashion designing courses is that becoming a fashion designer doesn’t mean it’s all about glitz and glamour. Students will need to work hard, and it takes long hours to get the collection up on the runway. Therefore, you have to be prepared to put in the hard work before taking this giant leap.

Sewing techniques

You will learn sewing techniques in 3D classes. It covers significant sewing demos for skits and bodices. After the completion of each garment, there should be no seams on raw edges. You will learn about hundreds of premium quality garments from extreme fashion items. Another thing aspirant considers when you will put into constructing the garment will showcase your garment’s cost. It same applies to the fabric and caliber.


Nothing comes easily in the first place. You will become more confident as you regularly present your creative ideas in fashion school. There is no point in inferiority. Your classmates are just as ignorant of their work as you. It is the whole environment of fashion school, everyone is a beginner, and there are keep learning to grow. So there are no points in getting extra insecure if you aren’t feeling confident. For minor mistakes and accomplished creations, you will realize that everyone makes enormous mistakes. It’s lovely to be nervous sometimes.

Turning your obsession into inspiration

Fashion collections take a long time, and students have to complete three projects in one semester. Thus it’s essential to control your emotions, such as building interest and keeping you motivated. You need crushing feelings of obsession because you will be equipped with the required knowledge about new designs. Another thing to keep in mind, the more facts and visuals you hold, the more time you will have to execute your thinking. Afterward, you can expect the results to come in a more vital collection.

Creative thinking is another crucial factor to consider. It comes from observing other people’s models and seeing how you can implement them. Although fashion designing is a vast field, it can be colors, structure, texture, taste, memory, and many other things.

Clothing construction

Clothing doesn’t easily fit the body and shape. It ultimately depends on the fabric and its quality. Also, it should be flexibly constructed. Since we are emerging with new fashion designing trends, you will have to be more body-conscious. Some of the other significant things are getting perfect garments like the fare skirt or pencil.

Similarly, darts are required, and gathers are crucial for loser garments. In fashion designing school, you will learn to incorporate closures with multiple segments. It could be a simple zipper or magnets and laces.

Understanding of differentiation

Fashion design students learn while creating a collection. They will need to be cohesive and varied. Furthermore, you will be required to tie the group altogether with specific elements and colors. At the same time, they are differentiating up the lengths of the garments. These variations will transform the collection results and ultimately impose a high possibility of getting sales simultaneously.

Pattern Creation

A pattern is exceptionally crucial in fashion design. You will learn how to make different patterns of clothes. Besides, you will also know the key in pattern making is that whatever you carry has to be fixed somewhere else for equal balance. In other words, if you circulate a close dart in a particular location, you will have to open it up in a new direction so that the garment will be easily fit.

Presentation is important

Becoming a legendary kind in the fashion industry no longer relies on fixed techniques. You will always need more than that. You have to embody enormous tailoring skills and the capability to make an impressive yet eye-catching fancy board.

Furthermore, you will have to document your purpose and why you choose this particular collection. Another essential thing to keep in mind that always spend time sketching your pattern or designs and transform it to look like a magazine layout. Keep in mind. You will continuously have to update your portfolio after each project that you make.

International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) Ghatkopar

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